Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals

operates in four small rooms that we rent from Offshore Animal Hospital on Crooked Lane. While we reside on the same property, NSHA and Offshore are not affiliated in any way.

We have an open-door policy, which means no animal in need will ever be turned away. We provide shelter, medical care and love to all stray, surrendered and abandoned animals until we can find them lifelong homes.

NSHA has many wonderful animals in the shelter or in foster care waiting for homes. Please call us to make an appointment to see them. Or if you are interested in volunteering as an animal care giver or for one of our many committees. 508-825-2287


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Want to know the connection between NSHA and

Little Mountain Rescue (dogs from Mississippi)?

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A quote from a satisfied adopter:


Hello Lori and Barb,
I wanted to take a few minutes to give you an update on our little Lucie. She is an absolute angel with tons of personality. We love her. We couldn't have dreamed of a better addition to our family. She loves the beach, long walks and snuggling up on the couch. She is also a great traveller in the car and keeps in touch with her 2 sisters now know as Gwen and Iris. We have gone on a few walks together, they love seeing eachother. I have enclosed a few photos so that you can see what a pretty girl she has grown up to be. There really are no words to thank you enough for the tremendous work you do. Without you there would be no Lucie. We are eternally grateful to you for bringing her into our life. Thank you for all you do and all you give so selflessly. With gratitude, Joann and Ted Burnham and Lucie


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DOGS of Nantucket!


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Volunteer Spotlight

Kate Deras



We would like to thank our volunteer, fosterer and adopter, Kate Deras for everything she has done for shelter animals! Our relationship with Kate started way back when she adopted two Mississippi pups from Little Mountain Rescue (Macy and Jetty). When NSHA formed a couple of years ago Kate got very involved. She began as a foster mom to animals in need and has since adopted three kitties and a bunny! Eek-a-Mouse and Mikey were an older pair of kitties that needed to stay together. Those scenarios are sometimes hard to place, but Kate and her growing family didn't hesitate to give them a wonderful home. Soon pictures of Mikey with his nose in the refrigerator or Eek snuggled up in bed started coming in.


Next, an outdoor bunny named Freckles went to a fabulous outdoor area at Kate's house where he had plenty of space to hop and dig. Freckles has now befriended the chickens that share nearby space and the kitties visit too. Bunnies are also difficult to place. They need a lot of space for maximum quality of life and Kate gave him just that!


Lastly, there was Big Boy - now referred to as "The Big Cheese!" We don't have to say much about Cheese as the picture above speaks for itself. That is Cheese's favorite position - we've received many pictures of him in that very pose!


Other than fostering and adopting, Kate also volunteers on her two days off from working in the Emergency Room where she sometimes has to do 12 hour shifts! She finds the time to raise three children, work full-time, love on her many animals at home and still finds time to volunteer at the shelter! Kate often brings her daughter Sophia to the shelter as well to show her the benefits of helping other animals. It is so important to teach compassion to the next generation and Kate is a fabulous roll model, which means her kids will be wonderful advocates for animals too. And that's how the world will change for the better.