Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals

operates in four small rooms that we rent from Offshore Animal Hospital on Crooked Lane. While we reside on the same property, NSHA and Offshore are not affiliated in any way.

We have an open-door policy, which means no animal in need will ever be turned away. We provide shelter, medical care and love to all stray, surrendered and abandoned animals until we can find them lifelong homes.

NSHA has many wonderful animals in the shelter or in foster care waiting for homes. Please call us to make an appointment to see them. Or if you are interested in volunteering as an animal care giver or for one of our many committees. 508-825-2287


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Little Mountain Rescue (dogs from Mississippi)?

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A quote from a satisfied adopter:


Hello Lori and Barb,
I wanted to take a few minutes to give you an update on our little Lucie. She is an absolute angel with tons of personality. We love her. We couldn't have dreamed of a better addition to our family. She loves the beach, long walks and snuggling up on the couch. She is also a great traveller in the car and keeps in touch with her 2 sisters now know as Gwen and Iris. We have gone on a few walks together, they love seeing eachother. I have enclosed a few photos so that you can see what a pretty girl she has grown up to be. There really are no words to thank you enough for the tremendous work you do. Without you there would be no Lucie. We are eternally grateful to you for bringing her into our life. Thank you for all you do and all you give so selflessly. With gratitude, Joann and Ted Burnham and Lucie


Little Mountain Rescue has its own Facebook Page!

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Volunteer Spotlight

Samantha Pacheco


If only the world could have more teenagers like Samantha Pacheco! We are so proud to recognize Samantha as one of our youngest volunteers and one of the most dedicated. Samantha started volunteering with NSHA as soon as she was allowed - the age of 15. She wanted to be a volunteer long before then, but waited patiently until her 15th birthday. Samantha had to start as a Junior Volunteer, which meant that she had to join another volunteer during their shift.


There blossomed the wonderful pairing of Samantha and Kristin! These two smitten animal lovers worked together every Monday night for the past couple of years. They would clean, feed, medicate and walk all of the animals, but their favorite part of the job was to love up each and every tenant. Nothing was better than playing, brushing, socializing and cuddling with all of the shelter animals. At one point during a shift a special bond formed between Samantha and one of the shelter kitties. Cleo was an older cat that had a medical condition and just needed a place to be comfortable. Samantha and her family took Cleo in and gave her a wonderful home for her last days where she was loved dearly.


Soon after Samantha started volunteering, she demonstrated another one of her talents - her photography. She takes stunning pictures of the animals - mostly for her own enjoyment, but they have been frequently used to help publicize the animals in social media and on this website! The way people know to come to the shelter to adopt an animal is through seeing a picture somewhere. A photograph can draw someone in and can even make a connection happen before the person and animal meet. Samantha has a real gift for portraying NSHA's animals in the best way and has even facilitated some adoptions. Pictured above is Shellie - Samantha's newest addition and a previous NSHA kitty. You can see how the photograph that Samantha took of Shellie captures her beauty as well as her curious personality.


When Samantha isn't in school or volunteering, she gains other animal experience working at Geronimo's and Cold Noses. She also hopes to do an internship at Offshore Animal Hospital for school credit next year. She clearly has a bright future ahead of her and we're pretty sure that many, many animals will benefit from whatever path Samantha decides to take. One thing is for sure, she has the entire NSHA family behind her 100%!


Thank you for all that you do and for caring so deeply!